Reasons for Lower Left Back Pain Emergence and Medical Solutions to it

Back pain is a rudimentary illness in the world of healthcare. Every new year, there are more cases associated with it than a previous one but one thing that should come up, sooner or later, and its specificity. There are numerous kinds of such health pain and one of them is the center of our attention in this post. There is surely none amount of strangeness for the people of the world about lower left back pain. Many individuals tend to have it, consciously or otherwise, and when it becomes unbearable at some point in time, it calls for a workable medical solution. The ribs and the hipbones are the ones that suffer from this kind of backache, which are the most integral part of the lumber area in a human body.

Back Pain in the Left Side

When a person experiences a back pain issue, it is commonly thought to be related to the left section of their body since most victims of any levels of trouble in their backs, feel it there. The primary reason why it is thought so is due to the fact that statistics have revealed for decades and decades that the right side back pain and middle back pain are lower than it. There must be some extraordinary medical reasons behind it which is what we will find out later here. From the gender point of view, it is women that deal with lower left back pain more than their men peers and it is also on the back of the pregnancy matter. It is a scientifically proven fact that a pregnant female does experience a lot of her organs’ concentration to her lower abdomen and that is why this backache emerges usually for the women more than the men.  Whenever any organ inside a human body is intentionally and or unintentionally made to deal with unbearable pressure, one of the end results would be a pain which is what we are exactly talking about.

It is essential to keep the kidneys healthy and fine at all times and so is the necessity with the urinary tract just for every single person because anything wrong with any of them would result in a major or minor health issue, which typically leads to a backache worry. A pain in the back can be just on the back of many reasons or factors as you may now have realized. For instance, the spine also is a crucial part with this subject. If it is hurt or damaged in some way, like an injury during some sports or something like that, it spells trouble obviously. Every muscle in the hip portion is certainly vulnerable to any pain and that is why, it is always urged to consume healthy foodstuff and also do some regular workout.


Reasons for Left Back Pain Emergence

The following are the most basic causes that result in the aforementioned kind of back pain but do keep a note in your mind that it is not an exhaustive list:

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Inflammation of joints or just a joint is called arthritis which is what ankylosing spondylitis is. For anybody that does not understand its meaning, well, it is something that hurts the spine in simple words. Stiffness in the neck is a well-known symptom of arthritis, which can extend towards the lower back. About 1 percent of the adult population worldwide is expected to suffer from ankylosing spondylitis which is clearly not a lot but still unacceptable. Elderly people are not usually victims of it but teens are. This kind of arthritis is specifically found in men more than women unsurprisingly really.

Kidney Contagions

Any infections or transmissions to any of the kidneys in the body of any individual can be detrimental. Any level or amount of infection to the left kidney expectedly produces a pain to the lower left back side. Such contagions then show symptoms and they can be extremely sharp to experience or witness in the form of nausea primarily. Other symptoms also include fever and chills. Thus, a person has a responsibility to maintain their urinary tract in a healthy state.

Poor Positions  

Everyone that does not give respect to healthy and necessary postures, will pay. For instance, there is always the right way to sit, stand, sleep, etc. A failure to sit properly can bring in a variable amount of pain in the back which is what a poor posture is all about here. Laziness is an elementary factor that drives folks to have unhealthy positions, like to sit for a long hours of time and barely move. The lumber section is also impacted negatively when a prop used is not ideally. In the other words, a chair might be a good one in terms of shape and size for an individual and if it is employed to sit in a wrong manner there is some pain to realize.


It has been already mentioned above the fact that being pregnant means being vulnerable to lower left back pain which is quite medically correct. When the size and shape of the uterus in a woman body is on the rise, there is an inevitable force or pressure onto every single organ closely connected to it. It seems unavoidable to have at least physical painfulness in times of a pregnancy for every woman actually but it can be certainly arrested to a good degree. All one needs to do is to eat healthy stuff and also do some exercises in order to keep her body fine and fit and that is a simple answer. Ligaments and hormonal variations in the body of every pregnant woman have an impact on her back either favorably or unfavorably. The health of any incoming baby is utmost crucial as well since its weight is a factor on the back.


What does it mean? It is a type of backache which is generated when there is some compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower section of the back. How does such a compression take place if one is wondering? Intervertebral disc is should not be degenerated or else there is an inevitable compression. The impact of it can be wide, from pain in the back to hip and to all the way down to the legs. A basic symptom of sciatica is numbness or apathy in any or both of the legs.

Stones in Kidneys

That is correct, kidney stones do tend to make back pain in the lower back happen if they are not controlled and wiped out. Different people with kidney stone concerns are medically thought to have different or variable levels of troubles in their lower backs. The overall pain just hinges upon the level or severity of such stones. Some significant reasons why they emerge are because of failure to urinate on time or whenever there is a need to do so and also a result of dehydration. They are mostly located in the lower part of stomach and that is why we have this sort of back pain from calculus.

Steno-tic Spine or Spinal Cord

The spinal canal (also called vertebral canal) should not put any kind of pressure on the spine or else, there is going to be some amount of ache due to be developed. The vertebral canal can sometimes get narrowed owing to some conditions which are certainly unhealthy.  How can the canal get reduced in size? One variable why almost all individuals end up with ache in their lower backs is because of the aging process. People only get older and not otherwise and therefore, their spinal canals are prone to increased weaknesses with the passage of time. The only way to prevent any pain from the narrowing of the spinal canal is by being super fit as long as possible.

Herniated Disk

What is a herniated disk and how is it related to lower left side of backache? It is one of the disks formed in the vertebrae. This disk does cause annoyance to nerves around it and therefore leads to pain emergence in the back. It is also medically called as a ruptured disc or slipped disc. It is usually acts as a cushion and sometimes as a shock absorber when there is too much force to be borne in the back physically but it does have its own strength or limits to deal with physical pressure though. When or if there is any sort of injury to it, its jelly substance located centrally starts to feel the force which is not a great matter at all. When the gel is pushed via the ring, the disc is deemed to be herniated. It does produce an immense or unbearable amount of pain which is witnessed when it is spread out into the legs or just one of the legs.

Muscle Strain in Lower Back

It is sheer discomfort when there is a muscle strain in the entire or part of the lower back. Lifting of heavy stuff should be an absolute no or should not be encouraged, if one does not feel they are capable enough to do so. When there is an excessive amount of pressure on any muscles and or their tendons, it spells strain undeniably and that is why it is vital to stay away from such things. People with already medically proven weak backs must not at all lift heavy things or else there can be severe consequences to face. This sort of lower back problem can be found in aged folks a lot more than young individuals as muscles are technically weaker in case of elderly people’s backs than muscles in young people’s backs. Obesity is a common cause for this.


If not the most common cause for lower back pain, it is at least true that obesity is one of the most basic reasons for such kind of ache. An excessive amount of growth of muscles in a human body is a sign of weakness and never a symbol of strength from the health perspective.  When all health problems are deeply looked into, it is quite a given thing to find out direct and indirect correlations among themselves. It is aforementioned that laziness is a cause of worry in terms of back pain and it emerges on account of too many reasons and obviously overweight is one of them. That is why lumber pain is a definite result from being unduly fat.

Lower Left Back Pain Treatment

There are various medicinally acceptable methods at our disposal to get rid of any sort of pain present in the lower left area of back. Some might demands a lot of medical expenses to treat and whereas some other solutions might not do that. For example, for a pregnant lady that happens to have lumber pain in her lower section, need not have to do anything special or serious until and unless it becomes severe as such, since just a few medications can do the trick to weed out the pain. In cases of kidney concerns like stones have to be dealt with, surgeries just might be essential. Whereas in conditions like kidney contagion or transmission, antibiotic drugs usually come to the rescue.

A surgery to face with backache successfully can be useful when there is an issue with herniated disk. Proper diagnoses are imperative to find out the most suitable and most effective cures as causes are always of assistance to know what kind of a lower back pain it is and how hurtful it is and so on. Therefore, without thorough and complete diagnoses there just cannot be effective medical answers. A back pain in the lower left area owing to a poor posture or poor postures can be solved by being correct with posture and a couple of simple and inexpensive related medicaments. Obesity led back pain can be easily addressed with healthy weight loss tactics. If there are any slight or major worries with one’s back, they are freely advised to consult an apt doctor at the soonest.